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Premec Industries AB

Turn over: 4 MEUR

Nos of employees: 10

Establ. 1995 

Products: Prefabricated wet units for Marine, Offshore and Building Industry


Premec - the choice for prefab wet units

Premec is specialized in manufacture of prefabricated wet room units for offshore, marine and building industry world wide and is a wholly owned subsidiary of IMG - International Marine Group. Together with the other companies in the IMG group, Isolamin and Momec, Premec provides a unique total interior concept.

Premec is located in Ed, approximately 140 kms north of Gothenburg. The village has for many years been associated with the manufacture of prefabricated shower and bathroom units.

Experienced designers, well trained personnel and thoroughly developed products that offers high quality and better economy for the customers, is an unbeatable combination.

The factory is completely adapted for the manufacture of wet units and there is an exhibition area within the factory, where customers are welcome to inspect various types of wet units and see what options are available.

Premec is a wholly-owned subsidary of IMG - International Marine Group.

  Industrigatan 1
SE-668 32 Ed
Tel: +46 534-618 00
Fax: +46 534-617 11